so fussy buyer

in this world, there are a lot of type of people
Allah made unbelievable numbers of variety in each human
one of that type is a fussy buyer

this fussy buyer commonly come from same ethnic
this ethnic not have black skin but too brown skin
you know who...

with so nice promise
claim to be 'a very serious buyer'
i know that my handphone torch do not have charger and tare screen protector
its price should be rm600++

but what this idiot thinking?
claim very seriously want to buy
and then just offering me rm400


what are those shit im hearing
then i said i cannot give that price
he turned to be angry
but i refused to meet aggreement
the deal collapsed

i dont care you want to buy or not
all the quality come with price
just the luck sometime come in free

want the price less by rm200!
and yet claim yourself 'a really serious buyer'
you really do not respect and want to take advantage

then i buy a new ori charger, screen protector and also phose casing
for just rm60 in front of him
and  then just leave him alone

a serious buyer...
hope Allah do not destine me to meet same type of people like this in the future...