i hate biawak!!!

kesian anak kucing tu...

1st day in 2013

today is 1st day in 2013
this year i'll become 23 years old

much worried about in coming final exam
not finish yet study

wish me luck for this year!!!


juz one day to go to year 2013
2012 lastly almost come to end...

baru sampai shah alam...

KPOP boy band get BOO in Malaysia

another very funny thing happen in Malaysia
2 unpopular boy band from south korea get boo when performing at shout award 2012
the thing that make this issue more weird is the 'blast' of angriness of malaysia 'kpop fan' toward malaysian's anti-kpop

why be so seriuos
this is not so call big issue in malaysia
what wrong with get booing
im admit that booing is not a proper or polite to do
but if it happened
there must be something wrong

bring the rookie boy band
what to be expected?
we must admit that not all malaysian are 'kpopers'
we cannot forced people to love what we like

im also like to watch korean programme on tv
i love to watch Runningman, Gag Concert and also Happy Together
my favourite group is T-ara
but i love to wacth SNSD too

dont be too fanatics
just small number of korean artist hav a quality to be fame
else are so plastic support

be relevant and rational

so fussy buyer

in this world, there are a lot of type of people
Allah made unbelievable numbers of variety in each human
one of that type is a fussy buyer

this fussy buyer commonly come from same ethnic
this ethnic not have black skin but too brown skin
you know who...

with so nice promise
claim to be 'a very serious buyer'
i know that my handphone torch do not have charger and tare screen protector
its price should be rm600++

but what this idiot thinking?
claim very seriously want to buy
and then just offering me rm400


what are those shit im hearing
then i said i cannot give that price
he turned to be angry
but i refused to meet aggreement
the deal collapsed

i dont care you want to buy or not
all the quality come with price
just the luck sometime come in free

want the price less by rm200!
and yet claim yourself 'a really serious buyer'
you really do not respect and want to take advantage

then i buy a new ori charger, screen protector and also phose casing
for just rm60 in front of him
and  then just leave him alone

a serious buyer...
hope Allah do not destine me to meet same type of people like this in the future...

today is today...

now im in 6th sem
less than half-way to finish (insyaallah)
this sem i hav to do LI, idustrial training

still finding right place
but is not too easy
our LI just 2 months
not many company provide internship for this too short period

class is very pact
im hav 22 credit hour this sem (max is 23 hours)
every day class start at 8.30 and finish in 6.00
i feel like in school back


week 13th...

dah lama x post ni...
skrg dh msuk week 13th
2nd last week dlm sem ni

byk test ngan presentation dlm 2 week last ni
byk kna prepare